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Green Island

Green Island is a coral cay, 27 km off the shore of Cairns, Australia. Estimate to be 6000 years old, Green Island is located on the Great Barrier Reef, zoned … Continue reading

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Adjusting to Cairns Wildlife

Many people move to Cairns for the relaxing lifestyle, some for the endless Summer and others for the feeling of closeness to nature. That is one redeeming feature about Cairns … Continue reading

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Favourite Cairns Northern Beaches Suburb?

Are you living in Cairns, or possibly just recently visited? If so… you have most probably been to see the Northern Beaches. We’d like to know what is your favourite … Continue reading

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The M Suburbs – Suburbs to Avoid in Cairns

The M suburbs. If you live in Cairns or are planning to be living in Cairns, you need to know this. There are a handful of suburbs that you want … Continue reading

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Moving To Cairns

Moving to Cairns for many can be an epic journey. Cairns is so far away from everything else in Australia it can be considered as big as moving to another … Continue reading

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Cairns Weather

Cairns weather. Beautiful one day… perfect the next. That’s the best way to describe Cairns weather. Cairns has a reputation for its humidity and heavy rainfalls. In fact when you … Continue reading

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