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Moving To Cairns

Moving to Cairns for many can be an epic journey. Cairns is so far away from everything else in Australia it can be considered as big as moving to another country. There are a few tips that we have though.

Moving to Cairns

Like any move you want to start with the basics… a house over your head. There is a vast selection of suburbs to choose from, and prices ranges can be equally as vast for both rent and purchase.

One tip that we can give you… stay away from suburbs near town starting with the letter M. Many people only find out about the M suburbs much later after they move to Cairns, so you’ve got a heads up! This topic is covered more HERE.

So without further ado, let’s talk about the right suburbs for you!

If you’re a family, you may want to look at the Northern Beaches, as well as North West of Cairns.

On the Northern Beaches, suburbs that we recommend are anything north of Yorkeys Knob. If you’re going below Yorkey’s Knob (and Yorkey’s itself) you are going to be getting a great deal of low flying airplanes, as these beach suburbs lay directly under the landing flight path for planes.

family moving to cairns

North West you will find some other great suburbs, including Redlynch, Kamerunga, Caravonica, Brinsmead and Freshwater. Please note that the suburbs laying on the North West tend to get more rain, as the clouds tend to sit on the mountains near suburbs such as Redlynch and stay for prolonged periods of time.

There are great schools in both of these regions of Cairns, as well as shopping centres, sports clubs and pubs.

In terms of rental prices, the Northern Beaches tend to be more expensive, especially suburbs like Palm Cove and Clifton Beach.

If you’re single or a childless young couple that like a bit of action, you may want to look into living in town, or on the Northern Beaches.

young couple in cairnsFor action and a good time, you can’t go wrong with Cairns City. There is abundance of restaurants, bars, clubs and festivals. The town seems to party till early in the morning, 7 days a week. Coming from Sydney, I was even surprised of the party scene in Cairns. It all derives from the amount of backpackers and tourists. Cairns tends to get tourists all year round (even though there are off-peak and on-peak periods).

The Northern Beaches are a bit slower for partying, but they are great for the beach lifestyle.

Rent can be very cheap in town. If you’re not looking for a big place and perhaps swaying towards a unit, it is possible to snatch up a 1 bedroom unit in Cairns for under or around $200.  Many of these units will come with facilities such as swimming pools and underground/undercover parking.


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