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The M Suburbs – Suburbs to Avoid in Cairns

The M suburbs. If you live in Cairns or are planning to be living in Cairns, you need to know this.

indigenous violence in Cairns, M suburbs

There are a handful of suburbs that you want to avoid, and these are the suburbs west of Cairns that start with the letter M. The suburbs include Manunda, Mooroobool and Manoora.

The Cairns M suburbs are densely populated with housing commission rental properties, and due to the presence of this demographic these suburbs should be considered a write off. Violence and crime are common in these suburbs and I do not recommend them for worthy for rent or purchase.

Perhaps over time with gentrification, these suburbs will change, however, due to a lower class demographic and the constant occurrences of crime, violence and drug and alcohol abuse, this will be a long and turbulent road before these Cairns M suburbs are deemed “livable” to the common members of public.

Cairns real estate agents will tell you otherwise. They will sell their souls to make commission, so you know how that’s going to play out. I will talk about Cairns real estate agents later, as they warrant an article of their own.

Please note though, what I am posting here is from experience from myself, friends, family and work colleagues. At all costs, avoid the Cairns M suburbs.


12 comments on “The M Suburbs – Suburbs to Avoid in Cairns

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  2. Dave

    Totally agree. Wouldn’t move there even if you payed me. Stay away from the M suburbs!

  3. staceym

    So rright

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  5. Anna Reeds

    M suburbs. Yuck.

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  8. fern

    thank you for the heads up, we are looking at relocating and its so hard to know what suburbs to look at

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  11. Jill

    My Daughter lives in Irene st Mooroobool. Its absolutely beautiful there, lovely peaceful and pretty. As a person now on the DSP due to ill health I really OBJECT to the ‘lower class’ tag!!!! Im relocating from WA and would love to live near her.

  12. Mark

    Nice racist image on this post to boot. Pathetic really. I bet you all espouse what a great sense of community you have (As long as you’re middle class and white).

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