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Green Island

Green Island is a coral cay, 27 km off the shore of Cairns, Australia. Estimate to be 6000 years old, Green Island is located on the Great Barrier Reef, zoned in the protected Marine Park Heritage Area. Green Island is also a tourist favourite for those looking for things to do in Cairns out on the reef.

Surrounded by coral reef, Green Island is also home to the Green Island Reef Resort, which opened in 1994.

Green Island

Green Island

There are a number of tours that can take you for a day trip to Green Island, including commercial charter boats, helicopters and sea planes. Activities include diving, snorkeling, canoeing, surf skiing, windsurfing and swimming. There is also a submerged  underwater observatory, where you can view the reef without getting wet.

Having been to Green Island, all I can say is pick your days. There have been times out there when the water is very murky and it you get next to 0% visibility. Others, you can see over 100 metres when submerged in the waters. That’s the gamble that you take when you go out on the Great Barrier Reef though. Try to pick a day that is forecast to have minimal wind. The earlier the better.

I can recommend a few tours, but try to stay clear of the bigger ones like Quicksilver  They take way too many people out onto the island at one time and I’m certain that it is these bigger tours that are hastening the process of coral destruction out on the Great Barrier Reef. I recommend using a smaller coat charter. You will get a more personal service and it is better for the ecosystem.


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