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Cairns Community and People

I may come across as biased because I live in Cairns and have lived here for the last couple of years, however I have to stress just how amazing the community spirit is in Cairns. I often think about why it is the way it is.

Perhaps its the coming together due to the exposure to natural disasters like cyclones. Maybe its the climate that draws a more relaxed and open minded demographic. I thought that it could even be just the fact that Cairns is a beautiful part of the world, shared by a very diversely rich and multicultural population.

cairns community

Mates having a BBQ and beers

Who knows?

I do know this though. You can walk down the street in Cairns city and people will stop to say hello and have a brief chat. You can walk into a pub and not pay a cent for a beer.

Your neighbours will often go out of their way to help you and it is not uncommon for them to invite you over for dinner or a BBQ and beers and Cairns is notorious for its abundance of street parties.

Cairns is by far, one of the easiest places in Australia to make friends.

Having lived in cities like Sydney where people are afraid to make eye contact, let alone give a greeting, the Cairns community spirit is truly a breath of fresh air. I guess it all just boils down to the fact that people that live in Cairns love it and people that visit on a holiday love it as well. It truly is a win win situation.


3 comments on “Cairns Community and People

  1. Helen

    I find it quite opposite – have made friends easily all around the world but it took me 2 years to make friends in Cairns. I mean friends that I can actually have a meaningful conversation and the ones we share similar interests not just chatting about weather, fishing and drinking beer. Lot of people here seem to be very uneducated, narrow minded and cant hold the conversation about anything else but the footy and drinking. Enjoyed mountain bike and hiking tracks and the rainforest though. Leaving Cairns in 2 months time. Very happy to leave.

  2. Damo

    Bummer that you had that experience. I’ve never had that issue at all and I have made many a friend in Cairns. Were you living in the southern suburbs? If so then it makes sense. I’m yet to have a conversation with someone about footy or drinking. Hopefully I’ll have one soon!

  3. Hollie

    i wont if you can help me. I have a cousin called Simon
    Thorburn who is now in his mid 30’s to late 30’s. He has spent most of his life in Cairns. He has a sister called Sarah and a mother called Martha. I will be moving to Cairns at the end of next move to try and find him and also experience the place. I know it’s a stab but you never know unless you ask. My name is Hollie Pierson and the last time i saw Simon was 10 years ago.

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