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Kuranda Village

Living in Cairns has many benefits, however one of my favourites would have to be Kuranda. Kuranda is a little rainforest village, 25 km northwest of Cairns. Surrounded by world … Continue reading

29/04/2013 · 6 Comments

Travel Guide for Cairns

Cairns receives over an estimated two million visitors every year that arrive for adventure, relaxation, partying and a general good time. To view a brief presentation about holidaying in Cairns, check out … Continue reading

25/04/2013 · 2 Comments

A History of Cairns

Cairns has come a long way from the gold mine town it once was, now a tourism giant in Australia drawing more than 2 million people a year to its shores. But … Continue reading

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About Cairns, Australia

People have been asking me for some statistics on Cairns, so I thought I would put together some information. So by popular request… Distance from Brisbane: 1700 kms Distance fro Sydney: 2700 … Continue reading

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Cairns Suburbs Property Reports

Thinking about buying or renting in Cairns? It can be an arduous task, and real estate agents are only in it for the money. Before you choose a residence to … Continue reading

22/04/2013 · 4 Comments

Peak hour traffic in Cairns

Yes! Cairns has peak hour traffic! Due to the explosion in population growth over the last few years (and the lack of planning) Cairns peak hour traffic can get beyond ridiculous, especially … Continue reading

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Real estate agents in Cairns

Many real estate agents in Cairns are the same as everywhere else from my experiences. They are notoriously lazy and inept at their jobs. To top it off, they are … Continue reading

07/04/2013 · 14 Comments

Surfing in Cairns

Surfing in Cairns is not really a hot topic, however the die hard surfers out there that move to Cairns often ask me where to go. There are plenty of … Continue reading

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