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Real estate agents in Cairns

Avoid Ray White at all costs

Avoid Ray White at all costs

Many real estate agents in Cairns are the same as everywhere else from my experiences. They are notoriously lazy and inept at their jobs. To top it off, they are living the Cairns work and lifestyle culture, so these characteristics are magnified exponentially.

I’ve had a number of issues over the past few years, however the worst agents in Cairns that I have had the displeasure of knowing is Ray White. They often don’t return calls, can take months to get anything done and don’t even think about trying to e-mail them. They very rarely check their e-mails (either out of laziness or lack of training), or seem to have ongoing issues with their communication in general.

Basically steer clear of them and avoid at all costs, however, let us be realistic. Real estate agents are just glorified car salesmen.You can become a “certified” real estate agent after a 3 week course. The industry is no longer regulated the way it once was, so it is quite a task to find a good agent.

Looking to rent in Cairns? Moving from far away? Guess what? The real estate agents are going to make it very hard for you. You need to physically inspect the property before you rent it. This poses a conundrum, simply because if you are thousands of kilometres away, you will need to organise a flight and return flight to Cairns, spending hundreds of dollars (perhaps thousands) to view a property you may not even like. If you’re lucky, get a friend to inspect it, or better yet… lie and say you have. You can save a great deal of time and money.

An anguished renter that has had dealing with Cairns real estate agents

An anguished renter that has had dealings with Cairns real estate agents

If you’re on the other end and looking to rent your property, try looking at keeping the real estate agent out of the process. They end up taking a good commission of your rent for doing next to nothing and often when they do, it is half hearted and lazy. Save yourself the time and money, after all, you’re just as qualified as the real estate agent once you read what you need to know for a few days.

Bottom line… expect hell. Real estate agents are there to make money, not make your life easier and they will do whatever it takes to suck every last dollar out of your pocket.

Had a bad experience with a Cairns real estate agency? Tell us your woes. Maybe you have a good story? Even better. People renting in Cairns would certainly benefit from acquiring knowledge of a good agent, being how rare they are.


14 comments on “Real estate agents in Cairns

  1. Ray White

    We would be interested to know more about your encounters with Ray White. Please contact us via so that can get more information.

  2. mike p

    We also had terrible issues with Ray White when we rented in Trinity Beach. They made our lives a living hell, plus they did not fix one thing. We had a broken toilet seat for 8 months! Terrible. I tell everyone to keep away.

  3. Susan45

    Finally, someone in Cairns is talking about the atrocious way these real estate agents treat renters! Many people are going to be able to be more aware after reading this. Well done.

  4. zero1

    Real estate agents are crap wherever you go. I used Ray White. They do have some issues and are hopeless but that just means they are like most, they don’t stand out. We sold our prooert in Trinity Park without any agent. It was quick and painless plus we didn’t have to give commissions for them doing very little.

  5. Jenny W

    Ray White Northern Beaches would have to be the most terrible agents I have ever come across. They have not even fixed the most basic of things and we requested these months ago. We are just ignored. We will never rent with them again.

  6. Serge_1984

    Lol. These idiots put us through hell and back. Good to see some articles about them. Word of mouth is important for muppets like this.

  7. Tracey Makey

    I have a lot of animosity for Cairns Northern Beaches Ray White. Peppered with hate. 😉

  8. Dean

    What a Joke, I am a Real Estate Agent (so is my wife) we have worked for a few different companies over the years and I can tell you with 100% confidence that MOST agents ARE hard working and honest and only want a good result for their clients. Most of the comments above are totally incorrect, you can find bad service in every industry, its just because we are transacting such a large asset that people often feel jaded and quick to criticize. If selling real estate is so easy, then why do nearly all real estate agents get another agent to sell their own homes. Because they KNOW that an agent will nearly always get a better price than any owner.FACT!.

  9. John O'Brien

    Looks like we may have a found a real estate agent that is good at their job? Any ways, I think most people here are so indifferent about agents is because during the boom so many just had to open a door and the properties sold themselves.
    Nobody like agents. They are a necessary evil for many that just can’t be bothered to learn how to sell.
    Just like how most people don’t choose to learn how to service their cars. They can do it if they learn a bit. Human nature hey?

  10. Pauly

    I agree with the above comments. This articles is a good example of how people feel about agents. Maybe this is an opportunity for Dean and his wife to show the public that they are different from the others.

  11. Sam87

    Lol. Good article. I hate Ray White for the northern beaches. Terrible agency, and I AM an agent. Too many cowboys in the industry. It’s not regulated enough.

  12. Tropicala Times

    Dean. Perhaps you would be interested in writing for us? Maybe a few articles on what to look for in a bad agent/agency? I’m certain the people here would love your knowledge of the industry.

    Use the Contact Us area to let us know if you would be interested.

  13. Loppy

    And I will add Debbie North of Elders Cairns. Debbie North is queen of Edge Hill, self appointed and if you check her listings in the Cairns Post real estate section you will also find the following; Debbie North Your Beaches Expert”, “Debbie North Your Acreage Specialist”, Debbie North Your Quality Home Specialist”, Debbie North Queen of Edge Hill/Whitfield” and finally ” Debbie North Cairns Most Experienced Salesperson”! What a crock! Surely people don’t fall for that. Our experience has found her to be dishonest and unprofessional when selling property. We would not recommend Debbie North nor the agents she works for. The previous Real Estate Agency she was with; Professionals Edge Hill; we have found to be quite good and reputable and they deal honestly with clients.

    • Dean

      I am no Debbie North fan by any means, however give it a break, you can very easily find bad service/experiences in every industry from the person who serves you a coffee, to the rude shop assistant who sells in retail. Debbie North has been a top selling agent for many,many years in Cairns, If she was as dishonest as you say, she simply would not have a real estate license. Most agents in Cairns wish they had 1/4 of her success. The fact is she is probably Cairns most successful agent (that includes Angela Capiatanio, who is also a great agent)
      Sounds like you have Tall Poppie Syndrome to me.

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