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About Cairns, Australia

Cairns AustraliaPeople have been asking me for some statistics on Cairns, so I thought I would put together some information.

So by popular request…

Distance from Brisbane: 1700 kms

Distance fro Sydney: 2700 kms

Size (from north to south): 52 kms


As of June, 2012, the population was approximately 153,075.


Cairns Life provides full access to Cairns Suburbs Property Reports. To view these report click here.


Cairns weatherClimate Type: Tropical

Record High: 40.5 °C 

Average High: 29°C 

Record Low: 6.2°C 

Average Low: 20.8°C 

Average Precipitation Days Per Month: 12.85

Mean Monthly Sunshine Hours Per Month: 225


Sugar cane, tourism


Cairns Base Hospital

Cairns Private Hospital

Cairns Day Surgery


State Primary Schools: 20

State High Schools: 16


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