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Smithfield Village, Trinity Park. Insert yawn.

Living in Cairns endows you with the privilege of choosing from many fine suburbs.  When you move there, you should check out a few before you decide which one you like. There is one that many people try out in their quest to find the suburb that they want to call home. Smithfield Village, Trinity Park.

Smithfield Village, Trinity Park… oh my… how do I put this. Smithfield Village is the vanilla milkshake of Cairns suburbs. It’ boring, has no flavour and is only appealing to people that haven’t tried chocolate or strawberry yet.

Smithfield Village (for me) took the wonder out of living in Cairns. It’s a desolate suburb, void of any character or of the every day charms that are seemingly abound in Cairns. One of the new developments, Smithfield Village is an eye sore of epic proportions. Everything looks the same. Houses, lawns, gardens. It’s like the people that built in this area just gave up and said to the builder “we’ll have what they did”.

Living in Cairns - Trinity Park House

A typical house in the new estate at Smithfield Village

Real estate agents sell it to people with such remarks as “close to shops” and “close to school”. Those are the only two appealing things about Smithfield Village. For such an isolated estate the land is particularly overpriced. A 450 square metre block is over 150k, which in reality is worth no more than 30k. Building has slowed right down now and the prices are really starting to fall, but they really need to drop a significant amount more before they become value for money.

I spent just over a year renting in Smithfield Village. All was good for a while. We thought, “hey, it’s a new house, should be low maintenance”. We could not have been more wrong.

I’ve been in a few houses and let’s say, the quality of the building and materials was well below average. The house was literally falling apart at only 18 months old. Fixtures were falling off the walls and doors, the irrigation system literally fell apart and flooded (of which Ray White Northern Beaches never tended to), plumbing was leaking through the walls… it goes on.

The fact that the houses are all squashed up next to each other (so the greedy estate developer can milk as much out of it as he can) does not help. Houses are pushed together so close that you can literally hear people sneezing in their homes. Doesn’t sound too bad? Well I’m talking through double brick. Then there’s the internet restrictions.

Living in Cairns - Trinity Park House

Another Lego house in the new Smithfield Village estate. Just the same as the rest.

What the developers don’t tell you when they sell the prospect of the high speed fibre optic internet (of which is labelled the “Telstra Smart Community Package”) is that you will have no other choice for internet and land line but Telstra. Yes. You’re stuck with Hellstra, whether you like it or not. For the minority of you that have never had dealings with Telstra, you’re about to witness the true definition of malpractice and incompetence. Thankfully though, there are gardens.

Trinity Park has an abundance of walking tracks that lead through the estate and parks. The parks are home to unique works of art, which seem to function only as providing a distraction to the fact that you’re in Smithfield Village. The gardens are well manicured, however the concept of having a bbq with the family right next to a man made lagoon that fills with storm water and is a breeding ground for cane toads and mosquito carried tropical diseases, is not exactly my idea of a good day out with the family.

There’s a beach though, where you can go and be eaten alive by mosquitoes. A development has started right there down near the beach near Bluewater Estate (of which I hear the new houses by the water are sinking) and a few houses are going up. I think the developers forgot to tell the poor souls about the plague of mosquitoes down there. Every time I took the family down we had to leave quickly due to the swarms of mosquitoes.

Regardless of all the facts I have stated here, I found some good points about Smithfield Village.

Sam, the owner of the local corner store in Reed Rd (the old part of Trinity Park) is an absolute delight. I always had good conversations with Sam and he’s a delight to have as a member of the community. I also found that Smithfield Village itself housed some good people. People were always friendly and would be more than happy to stop and have a quick g’day chat. That’s the beauty of Cairns, people are particularly friendly wherever you are.

I always try to keep my readers informed with the most accurate, up to date and realistic information about Cairns that I can. I encourage you to check out Smithfield Village, but know this. You’re going to find a dozen more suburbs in the same price range with bigger blocks of land, better infrastructure, better amenities and better quality properties that have a more unique appeal. Strawberry milkshake anyone?


7 comments on “Smithfield Village, Trinity Park. Insert yawn.

  1. Jacky

    WOW That’s got my attention . Where would you recommend to rent .

  2. Robby Bamar

    Hi Jacky. I recommend Palm Cove, Clifton Beach, Kewarra Beach, Trinity Beach, Caravonica, Kamerunga, Redlynch, Stratford and Freshwater. Yorkeys Knob is nice too, just make sure that you reside on the north side of the main road. That’s the nicer part and doesn’t get the flight path.

    • Jacky

      WOW That’s got my attention . Where would you recommend to rent .

  3. Jacky

    Thanks Robby, we are planning a trip down hopefully before Christmas to check out suburbs and the above will all be looked at.
    Any information is much appreciated 🙂

  4. Serge_1984

    Yeah, I’ve lived there. Boring as hell. Of note though it is close to Smithfield Shopping Centre. That’s about it though. There is nothing there at all.

  5. fern

    What are your thoughts on Edmonton? we are relocating and in the middles of reearching the suburbs

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