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Muddy’s Playground

If you’re on the hunt for things to do in Cairns with kids, or free things to do in Cairns, you definitely have to make a visit to Muddy’s Playground.

free things to do in cairns_3Situated on the Cairns waterfront in town, Muddy’s playground is a very popular spot for young families living in Cairns and visiting Cairns. Even better… it’s free.

Muddy’s is a modern water playground, where children can frolic in the many water features, play in large playground filled with flying foxes, see-saws, swings, slides and puzzle games. My favourite by far are the water jets, which shoot out of the ground. Be ready to get wet though… you never know when those suckers are going to go off and I’ve been caught a few times in the crossfire of a vengeful water jet or two!

Free things to do in cairns

My kids absolutely love it, which makes living in Cairns just that extra bit sweeter, especially if I can head down there whenever I want. I also enjoy taking them down, as Muddy’s is not only a great place to keeps the kids entertained, it’s also very safe.
Security and CCTV cameras are peppered around the grounds, monitoring all the time. Muddy’s also provides other facilities though.

Muddy’s provides  BBQ and picnic areas, ample room to fit visiting families as well as Skippers, a cafe that provides great light meals for the whole family (if you didn’t pack lunches).

things to do in cairns with kidsHours of operation for Muddy’s are 9am – 7pm every day, throughout the entire year, making it a big favourite for young families looking for things to do in Cairns with kids.

So if you’re living in Cairns, or maybe just up for a holiday in Cairns, I highly recommend you head down to Muddy’s, get your feet wet and enjoy the fantastic facilities that Cairns has to offer, but beware… you may find that you may enjoy it too much!

Get out there and get in it!


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