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Living in Cairns with LEGO vandals

Stop the press!

A sizeable 100,000 piece LEGO helicopter (named LEGO Elvis) was vandalised last week in Cairns Central Shopping Centre, leaving its creator Ryan McNaught devastated beyond belief.


LEGO Elivs. Lifeless.

Ryan’s six weeks of arduous hard work, dedication and selflessness to get the project completed on time were reversed in mere seconds, as a gang of teenage boys destroyed what was truly an iconic symbol of Far North Queensland’s artistic and LEGO community.

Ryan, a LEGO Certified Professional, was unfortunately not available for interviews in relation to the incident, yet two youths have been charged over the destruction of the unnecessarily expensive display.

Police continue to investigate the incident, possibly redirecting core public services, to ensure the desecration of the monument does not go unpunished. Rumours are afoot that a special unit has been assembled to locate and apprehend the criminals.


LEGO Elivs before it’s untimely demise

No questions have been raised as to why a $25,000 LEGO display was not adequately secured within a plastic cage or container and merely left on a table. It is also still yet unclear as to whether LEGO University will implement common sense into their highly esteemed curriculum.

The damage to LEGO Elvis is still being assessed, leaving Ryan in… pieces.

The Cairns community plan on having a memorial for LEGO Elvis, in commemoration and remembrance of the premise that it’s a bad idea to leave LEGO on a table with children around.

CLICK HERE for full story.


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