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Rusty’s Markets

If you’re a fan of fresh fruit and vegetables, or exploring new tropical and exotic taste sensations, I highly recommend you visit Rusty’s Markets. Located in the Cairns CBD, between Grafton St and Sheridan St, Rusty’s has been running since 1975 and is now a icon of Cairns, boating over 180 stalls.

things to do in cairns - live in cairns - rusty's markets signRusty’s Market’s should be a ritual if you live in Cairns. Even if you’re not living in Cairns and just passing through, you need to check it out. You will not find a wider range of fresher or more affordable fruit and vegetables in Cairns (and arguably, Australia). It’s one of the many perks that makes living in Cairns that extra bit sweeter, however, I have found that many that live in Cairns just don’t know about it or don’t go (probably a distance thing).

What always blows me away is the fact that I can walk in there with $30 and walk out with so many bags full of food that it starts to ache carrying them. You will get true value at Rusty’s, plus the range is absolutely phenomenal.

things to do in cairns - live in cairns - rusty's markets pciture-2Exotic fruits and vegetables, things you have never seen in your life. Farmers in Cairns can grown nearly anything, so you are going to get a massive selection. When you’re at Rusty’s make sure you get a little adventurous and try out a few. Take yourself out of the comfort zone and you will be surprised.

What’s also wonderful about Rusty’s is the produce is from local farmers and local farmers only. You’re not only supporting a fantastic market, you will be supporting the hard working farmers that live in Cairns and outlying regions.

Rusty’s also sells flowers, deli food, breads, seafood and has many bric-a-brac stalls that sell jewellery and the likes.

Open Friday through to Sunday, you can get down to Rusty’s from 5am to 6pm. Sundays close at 3pm so don’t leave it too late on a sleepy Sunday afternoon.

If you are going to head to Rusty’s, I have a few tips for you.

1. Make sure you shop around. You can get big price differences even between stalls that are next to each other for the same product.

2. In a Summer time, take water and dress light. It can get hot in the markets when the humidity kicks up.

3. Beware of parking police. Rusty’s provides free 2 hour parking above, however if you choose to park on the street make sure your meter is topped up. Parking police are everywhere and there is a good chance they will get you.

4. If you can’t find the markets, ask a local or someone that does live in Cairns. They’ll head you in the right direction.

So if you’re on the lookout for things to do in Cairns, whether holidaying in Cairns or living in Cairns, make sure you hit up Rusty’s. It’s one of the many things to do in Cairns that make it that extra bit more magical.


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