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Footage of Driving in Cairns Peak Hour Traffic

When you live in Cairns, you are most probably going to have to deal with peak hour traffic.

Some days are good, some are absolutely terrible. Generally if you live in Cairns on the Northern beaches you are going to have to drive through a few bottlenecks.

Here’s some footage of what it’s like driving in Cairns coming from the Northern beaches. This footage starts from once you pass the airport, so you’re pretty much at the edge of town and heading into the heart of the city. This was a Tuesday morning at 8.30 am a few weeks ago.


3 comments on “Footage of Driving in Cairns Peak Hour Traffic

  1. Mick

    If this was all the traffic that I had to contend with in Perth, I would be in a state of constant euphoria. Yours actually moves!

  2. Tropical Times

    Yes, I’ve heard that Perth is notorious for its poorly designed roads.
    We’re still okay at the moment, however they are going to have to widen the highways eventually if they don’t want to end Cairns members of the public up being stuck in traffic for hours each way.
    It’s government though, so I think we’re stuffed!

  3. Tropical Times

    This was actually a pretty good run. Cairns has some serious issues with traffic light synchronisation. If you get a red, you’re most probably going to get many more along the way.

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