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Palm Cove

If you’re looking to live in Cairns or for things to do in Cairns, you are going to probably going to come across Palm Cove.

Palm Cove - things to do in cairns - live in cairns -2

Palm Cover beach. Out the back, Double Island

Primarily a tourist location, Palm Cove is very popular for its holiday accommodation, restaurants, cafes and activities.

If you find your self hungry, you will certainly not have any issues with finding a place to grab a bite to eat. Palm Cove is literally littered with eateries. Take your choice, as Palm Cove restaurants provide selections of Italian, Thai, modern and many other types of cuisine. I highly recommend Nu Nu’s restaurant. Never had a problem with the service and the food is amazing.

Palm Cove - things to do in cairns - live in cairns

Palm Cove is notorious for its restaurants and cafes

After dinner, check out the ice cream shop on the south side of the beach. The ice creams are absolutely delicious.

If you are on the hunt for things to do in Cairns that involve spending a bit of cash, you can check out a few of the shops along the water for browsing or perhaps buying a few little things.

Feeling more adventurous? You can hire jet skis, canoes and other water sports gear to get out there in the water. People do use them, however the prices for hire are a little steep. The cost to hire a canoe for a few hours was close to the price of what it would cost me to buy a second hand one in top condition.

Palm Cove - things to do in cairns - live in cairns -1

The main street of Palm Cove

You can have a good time on the beach for free. There are designated swimming areas in the stinger season and like all Cairns beaches the water is warm. However, very often like all beaches in Cairns, the water is brown most of the time. If you get a good northerly wind, the water can turn blue and crystal clear, which is absolutely stunning.

If you are looking to holiday or live in Cairns and are checking out Palm Cove, just be aware of a few things:

1. Palm Cove is very much a tourist location, so it does get busy. Sometime, overly busy.

2. Parking is a big issue on the beach. There has been so much development, yet no additional car parking added to accommodate the growth.

3.  The locals tend to be less friendly and down to earth than other Cairns suburbs. Palm Cove is considered in some ways more exclusive, so it tends to draw the more snobbish crowd.

4. Palm Cove is considered far away from town. If you choose to live there and need to get to town, you’re going to find that the drive into town can take more than half an hour without traffic. Over an hour in peak hour traffic.

5.  Palm Cove is quite overpriced for what it is. You can find nicer suburbs much cheaper and closer to town.

So if you are after things to do in Cairns, you should check out Palm Cove. The scenery from the beach is amazing as you overlook all of the beaches and mountains along the coast. Think of living in Cairns? Maybe you should check out a few suburbs before you decide on Palm Cove. It’s nice, however it’s not really Cairns. It’s an overly busy tourist hub that you may find regretting moving to.


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