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Student and Share Accommodation in Cairns

Student and Share Accommodation in Cairns - live in cairnsFor those that don’t have the luxury to permanently live in Cairns, many still have to opportunity to study in Cairns, thanks to the James Cook University. Now if you are planning to live in Cairns on a temporary basis, you’re going to need accommodation.

As a past student, I understand the limitations with things like cash flow and trying to find a place to study and more importantly, feel comfortable. Yet, if you’re young and live in Cairns, you’re also probably going to want to party, because no city parties like Cairns does.

I grew up in Sydney, so that says something about what the party lifestyle is like up here. But enough about partying and sexy adventures! You’re here to find more information on accommodation to live in Cairns.

college studentsSo… you’re a student? Looking for accommodation. Where do you start? There are a few website that you can use to find a cool place to chill, sleep and study. Below is a list of useful sites I have comprised that can help you to get the accommodation in Cairns that you’re after. If you can’t find anything here, I would be very surprised.

Not the best site for share accommodation, however you may get lucky. Give it a check just in case.

A good site to check out share accommodation all over Cairns. Just be mindful of when you sign up. When you find the share accommodation in Cairns you are after just close your account. They bombard you with e-mails 24/7.

I’ve heard good reviews about these guys. Worth a check.

Even though Ebay bought out Gumtree, they miraculously decided to maintain the principles and ethics of this wonderful site. Lots and lots of share accommodation ads and many are reasonably priced.

You after share accommodation in Cairns? Well they have a plenty!

Quite a few listing for share accommodation in Cairns, from the super cheap to quite expensive.

Now, I’ve given you the fire power to find the best student and share accommodation in Cairns. When you’re deciding on which place to choose to live in Cairns, just follow these simple tips.

1. Be mindful of who you stay with. Do your research and if you’ve got a feeling the person is a fanatical axe collector, you probably want to leave that be.

2. If you’re into partying, stay in town. If you want the more chilled life, live out of town. Even if you live out of town you can still get in there pretty quickly, even on public transport.

3. If you’re a student, your best bet may be the Northern Beaches. They are close enough to town to let your hair down after those big study sessions and exams. They’re also quite close to James Cook University and other Colleges located on the North side.

4. Make sure you check out that water, electricity and Internet are included in your rent. The last thing you want is to have to chip in for additional costs after moving in.


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