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Crime in Cairns

When you live in Cairns you are not impervious to crime. It’s everywhere and although not rampant like it is in big cities like Sydney, where they appear to have lost control, you will probably see crime in Cairns, know a victim or be a victim of it yourself.

Not the most positive way to start an article, I know, however just like everywhere else, Cairns is not impervious to crime and it has been on the rise.

crime in cairns - live in cairns -1Last year, Cairns recorded the highest percentage increase in crime in all of QLD. 11% to be exact. That’s a pretty terrible figure. However there have been changes since these figures were released last year.

Police have been transported up from Brisbane to assist with apparent crime wave that was hitting Cairns and crime is now on the downturn. The statistics warranted action and it is good to see that they are now under control.

Last year, some of the key statistics were:

• 31 per cent increase in assaults on police

• 18 per cent increase in total assaults

• 15 per cent increase in property offences

• 21 per cent increase in unlawful entry offences (residential and commercial)

• 17 per cent increase in unlawful use/theft of motor vehicles

• 22 per cent increase in robberies

crime in cairns - live in cairnsThe statistical increases in crime in Cairns is believed to be instigated by such issues as higher unemployment rates and lower tourism numbers. Cairns is highly reliable on tourism as an economic driver and when you live in Cairns you will see that.

Although crime cannot be avoided sometimes, there are a few tips:

1. Even though you feel your area is safe and none of the neighbours lock their door in the suburb that you live in Cairns, don’t become complacent. Lock it up and keep it safe.

2. Don’t walk around town by yourself in the late hours of the night. You are asking for trouble.

3. If you are the kind of person that likes a brawl, you will find it in Cairns. I’m not condoning violence, but pick your fights.

4. Don’t walk down dark alleys in town. I know this is a cliché statement to make, however Cairns can be deceiving in regards to safety. Those alleys at night (and sometimes during the day) are where I have seen drug deals and other illegal activities taking place.

If you’re holidaying in Cairns or you live in Cairns it does not matter. Keep smart, keep safe and keep your wits about you.


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