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Don’t live in Cairns with peak hour bottlenecks

If you live in Cairns on the Northern Beaches, you probably have to put up with peak hour traffic. For the population size, the traffic is disproportionately excessive and this is due to the population explosion and lack of government spending to accommodate the growth. Yet, there are some things you can do to make your life easier.

Live in Cairns - peak hour bottlenecks - 1If you live in Cairns further North than Yorkey’s Knob, you are going to come across two roundabouts on the Captain Cook Highway. Both are bottlenecks.

One intersects Cairns Western Arterial Road (which leads to the North Westerns region) and the other Kennedy Highway (the main road leading to and from Kuranda and the West).

If you live in Cairns, these are a real pest and from my experience, can create traffic backup longer than a kilometre in some instances. You know what I do? I avoid them.

Live in Cairns - peak hour bottlenecksSee the map pictured to the left on how to get around them. Basically you can bypass the roundabouts by going through the back roads of Yorkey’s Knob. It takes around 6 minutes, from start to end. If the traffic is bad (like it is very often nowadays) you can save some good time and your sanity with it.

Below is video footage of the alternative route.

Live in Cairns without some of the frustrations of poorly managed infrastructure.


One comment on “Don’t live in Cairns with peak hour bottlenecks

  1. Marco

    Tried it. Loved it. Cheers.

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