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Bike Riding in Cairns

Cairns is blessed with a plethora of tracks for bike riding and because a majority of it is flat, you can get around quite easily on a bicycle. Also, for things to do in Cairns, cycling is a great way to see the town and some really nice spots. You can get a full list of Cairns Cycle and Walking Track here. There are some factors that you need to be aware of though.

Just yesterday, a woman was injured after a car collided with her bicycle at the Trinity Beach roundabout. You see this all the time when you live in Cairns, very often the media is not aware of it and this is what I want to talk to you about.

bike riding in cairns - live in cairns - 1To put it plain and simple, if you choose to ride a bicycle in Cairns, you need to expect the high chance that someone is going to hit you. This comes across as negative, however if you have read my article on drivers in Cairns you would understand what I am referring to.

Cairns is not a busy city like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and we are blessed with long running freeways and highways that interconnect the outlying suburbs to Cairns. They are fantastic for long rides and utilised by many people that live in Cairns as a primary means of transport via bicycle.

Regardless if you live in Cairns though, or are just on a holiday, I cannot re-iterate this more. Cairns drivers are absolutely shocking. Even at the best of times they are well below par of acceptable driving standards. The amount of accidents I have seen considering the size of the population is truly disgusting.

Additionally, Cairns drivers have a hard enough time seeing cars on the road, let alone a bicycle.

If you do decide to put your life in the hands of the terrible driving skills of Cairns locals and tourists, just make sure you take the appropriate precautions…

1. Most importantly, wear a helmet.

2. Wear reflective gear.

3. Ride defensively. Expect that every Cairns driver is not paying attention to the road or you.

4. There are bike lanes you can use that are located off the road in certain parts of Cairns. Use them.

There are plenty of lovely tracks and rides and you will not be short of a great day out, however, take the safe way to make sure you get home in one piece. Bicycling is a wonderful way to see Cairns, but I do consider it riskier in terms of things to do in Cairns.


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