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Sugarworld Water Park

Are you looking for slippery, slidey and wet things to do in Cairns? If so, you’re in luck! Behold… Sugarworld!

Sugarworld - things to do in Cairns - 1

The awesome activity water park for kids

I’m going to be honest with you, I’m a big kid. I always reminisce of the days when I was a child and the great adventures I had on water slides. It was such an enthralling experience to shoot down a water pipe at full speed, getting thrown around like a rag doll, sometimes fearing for your life and coming out the bottom wanting it all over again.

Sometime I even dream of people getting around everywhere on water slides. Now you tell me the world wouldn’t be a better place!?

Sugarworld is one of my favourite water activities in Cairns. The kids love it (maybe as much as I do) and it’s a sensational venue to take the children for a day and a  fantastic day out when you are on teh hunt for things to do in Cairns.

Sugarworld - things to do in Cairns - 3

Open slides or closed?

Multiple slides equals an awesome time and Sugarworld bring them to the table. Tube raft slides, open body slides, kids slides and even a massive interactive play area for the kids to play in. Sugarworld also brings practicality to the family outing.

BBQ facilities are provided free of charge as well as a  Café and canteen. The food is not overly pricey, however you can take your own meat and salads and whip up a nice lunch then and there. Throw on a few snags! Nice.

Now, if you are planning to go to Sugarworld, just take a few of these tips on-board:

1. Take sunscreen. Seriously, it’s Cairns. You will need it.

2. Try to get there early. The best tables and sitting areas are grabbed earlier in the morning.

3. There are kids everywhere. Might put a bit of a crimp on the day if you planned on having a romantic day out.

4. Be aware that some slides are designated for children of certain ages.

5. Some of the supervising staff/lifeguards can get a little agitated with the children, giving the impression of the oppressive “Fun Police”.

6. It does close for around 6 weeks in Winter for maintenance, so call to see if they are open.

Overall though, Sugarworld is a fantastic day out and a goody in relation to things to do in Cairns with kids. I guarantee after a day at Sugarworld, they’ll sleep like little angels.

Sugarworld is located at Edmonton, not far South of Cairns City. It’s open most days of the year (besides public holidays) and a Family Pass is a mere $48.

Click here for more information on Sugarworld.


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