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Living in Cairns with Wallabies

When you live in Cairns, you have to expect an abundance of nature. It comes with the territory and wallabies are no exception.

You will find wallabies all over Cairns, except perhaps when you get into the heart of town. They seem to favour suburbs that have bush, cane fields and open parks / grasslands. In Cairns, this is most of the area.

live in cairns - wallabies in cairns (3)

A typical wallaby that you will see around Cairns

Now wallabies are fine. They’re relatively shy creatures and when you live in Cairns and you happen to come across one, they are generally quite cautious. Very often by the time you see it, it’s taking off somewhere else. Wallabies sometimes seem like they are always on the move and this is where I get to my point. They also get on the roads.

As sad as it is, you will often see a dead wallaby on the side of the road, in streets and on highways. They are generally most active at dusk and dawn, although wallabies are out all hours so you never know. So, I have some advice…

* When you live in Cairns, be prepared for the odd chance that a wallaby is going to jump out on the road in front of you when you are driving. It happens and it happens to people that live here quite often.

* If a wallaby does jump in front of your car, you need to be psychologically ready. What I mean is, it’s better that a wallaby dies rather than you crash your car into oncoming traffic or a parked car. Keep your path and try to slow down a little.

* In the odd chance that you do hit a wallaby, you are probably going to be in shock. Pull over and take a deep breath. When you have composed yourself you should do the right thing. Check on the animal. If it’s injured call WIRES or the RSPCA.

live in cairns - wallabies in cairns (2)

Drive safely and keep your wits about you

I know this may come across as a sombre article, however I feel the need to inform you about these possibilities. Wallabies are a great asset to Cairns, adding to the magic of the area, however they can create problems on the roads.

So be smart. Don’t speed, be aware of your surrounding and keep a head on your shoulders. You’ll thank me when you wake up one day and find a family of wallabies grazing on your front lawn. It’s a wonderful thing and certainly makes it all the more worthwhile to live in Cairns.


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