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Cairns and the National Broadband Network

Cairns is lucky in many respects and for those that live in Cairns, life is about to get a whole lot sweeter. The NBN roll-out has commenced in Cairns and is to activate soon in certain suburbs. So what does this mean for you?

Cairns and the National Broadband Network - live in cairns (2)For those that live in Cairns, this means that you can say goodbye to the terribly outdated and very often unreliable ADSL and hello to fibre optic bliss. It “should” also mean that you will no longer be paying exuberant prices for sub par Internet services. Yay!

The roll-out of the NBN is also presumed to open doors for residents and businesses of Cairns that have, until recently, been closed. Examples include…

More speed – Internet speeds will increase dramatically.

Less costs for interconnecting businesses – E.g. if your business has multiple sites, you will require less infrastructure to connect them. Less infrastructure means lowered operational costs. Nice!

VOIP – a cost effective solution to traditional land lines telephones, that can drastically reduce your telephone bills.

Additional Cloud services – You’ve probably heard about Cloud Computing. For many small businesses and start-ups Cloud Computing can give you the infrastructure that you require, without the exorbitant upfront costs.

To check out more information on when and where the NBN is going to be rolled out in Cairns, you can go here.


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