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Is it Expensive to Live in Cairns?

Why is Australia so expensive? Why do you pay so much for… everything? Is Cairns as expensive to live as everywhere else?

Is it Expensive to Live in CairnsThese are the questions I get repeatedly asked over and over, so allow me to answer them. Cairns is as expensive as you want it to be. Full stop.

Property is cheaper in Cairns, in regards to most capital cities in Australia. There is no doubt. Especially considering how much one pays in Sydney, which often comprises of a run down house, over an hour from the beach, long commutes to work and not able to walk the streets at night because its just too dangerous. I do, however, feel that the newer suburbs popping up in Cairns like Smithfield Village, Trinity Park are seriously overpricing the value of their land, but that’s another story.

Bottom line… it all really boils down to living within your means.

Unfortunately, many Australians whine about the cost of everything because they are very often just trying to keep up with the Jones’. They need their big houses, the best clothes, the sleeve tattoos, the 4WD SUV (that is somehow always immaculately clean), the big screen TV’s etc. Sadly, many get themselves into excessive amounts of debt in pursuit of this. I’m almost ashamed to call myself an Australian, because so many Australians are like this nowadays.

Is it Expensive to Live in Cairns (2)Cairns can be expensive for certain things though. Petrol is often a little more than city prices, council rates are often more expensive than Sydney and supermarkets up here need a bit of a kick up the backside (lack of competition). However if you don’t get yourself into excessive amounts of debt to keep up appearances then you will be fine.

Australia is expensive as a whole, but if you have a head on your shoulders and learn how to manage money well, you can do well in Cairns and have a superior quality of life, regardless of your occupation.


One comment on “Is it Expensive to Live in Cairns?

  1. Jill

    Good balanced advice. Hubby and I are planning to move to Cairns roundabout the end of the year. However we are on a pension and will need to rent. Is there any advice you can give us which you would consider essential to know.


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