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Pools in Cairns

If you live in Cairns, you are most certainly going to need a pool, especially in the Summer time. There is literally nothing worse than being in Cairns on a stinking hot day and not being able to cool off in your own pool. It makes a world of difference.

Live in Cairns - swimming pool (3)

More of this!

I say this with the utmost confidence, yet there are downsides to owning a pool in the tropics. These mostly have to do with the rain, heat and nature.

When you live in Cairns, you are going to be going through one season or the other. The dry season, or the wet season.

In the dry season, your pool is going to evaporate at an incredible speed. There have been times when I leave for the work in morning and come home only to find a good near inch of water lower off the previous mark it was. I’m not over exaggerating! My pool isn’t leaking either, it’s just that the sun up here is so incredibly strong. Then there’s the wet season.

Live in Cairns - swimming pool (5)

Less of that!

You will be forever adding more and more chemicals, salt, chlorine, buffers etc. to your pool simply because of the rain. The rain comes down so hard and so often, that it can be weeks before you even think of bothering to add anything to the pool. It’s just going to be diluted away. Then there’s the nature aspect.

I’m not a fan of cane toads or spiders, yet they’re huge fans of my pool. Sometimes I feel like I am forever scooping out cane toads and garden spiders. There’s nothing worse than diving in a pool, coming up and having a spider on your face. It can really put a crimp on your day/evening.

Due to these forces of nature, I strongly recommend you purchase a pool cover. The benefits far outweigh the initial outlay.

1. You save water by significantly reducing evaporation.

2. You don’t have to add as many chemicals = $ savings

3. Less dirt in the pool, saving you time on having to vacuum it.

4. Significantly less (if any) spiders and cane toads.

Seriously folks, a pool is a big necessity if you live in Cairns, but if you are going to have one in the yard, make sure you invest in a pool cover. You will reduce maintenance, save money and even end up swimming less with spiders. It’s a win win!


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