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Flames of the Forest

Flames of the Forest has to be one of the best things to do in Cairns if you are after a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Having experienced the Flames of the Forest Cultural Evening, we arrived, midst a candle lit forest, foggy and mysterious. Served sparkling wine and proceeding to meet some of the other guests and staff, we then moved on to the silk lined outdoor marquee, of which housed numerous crystal chandeliers. Truly a stunning display. Then the night really started…

things to do in cairns - flames of the forest (5)

The entrance walkway as you arrive to Flames of the Forest

Sitting down, you will experience bilby’s running under and around the tables. It’s quite a treat as they are surprisingly tame and aren’t shy to human company. Around you, the backdrop consists of an array of candles and lights, peppered around the surrounding forest trees.

The dining area is nothing short of atmospherically stunning. You feel like you are in another world and because of this unique experience, this article nor any other can truly depict the majestic tranquility the entire setup creates.

things to do in cairns - flames of the forest (2)

Dine under the silk lined marquee flaunting amazing crystal chandeliers

During the evening we were served immaculate traditional and modern cuisine, coupled with a spiritual fusion of traditional Aboriginal storytelling, dance, and music. Add in a vast selection of all you can drink beer and wine, impeccable service and tables of equally as amazed visitors and you will come to the conclusion, that this evening out is unlike any other. It’s special for everyone, not only yourself.

People go in to Flames of the Forest as strangers and they leave as friends. That is how magical the night is.

things to do in cairns - flames of the forest (4)

Listen to age old stories of the Dreamtime

This high quality entertainment and dining does come at a price… around $200 a head. Don’t let the price deter you though, as far as experiences go, you will walk away feeling that was the best money you’ve spent in a very long time.

So if you’re unsure about things to do in Cairns, be sure to not miss out on Flames of the Forest. Guaranteed, you will experience a night that you will cherish forever.

I do note that this experience is not one I would consider a thing to do in Cairns with kids, so if you have children, you may want to make alternative arrangements to have them babysat.

For more information check out the video below, or go to


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