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Cairns Beaches Stinger Season

Swimming at Cairns Beaches during Stinger Season (2)Swimming at beaches is one of the most popular things to do in Cairns, simply because there are so many beaches to choose from, many uncrowded. However, one of the downsides when you live in Cairns or are visiting Cairns is having to put up with stingers. Nasty aquatic pests that invade the coast line every year.

Between the months of November to May (although over the last few years it’s been much shorter), jellyfish of all types hit the shores of Cairns beaches. During this period, if you are swimming in the oceans of Cairns along the beaches, there is a good chance you will be stung unless appropriate precautions are taken.

Swimming at Cairns Beaches during Stinger SeasonStingers are not to be taken lightly. They have long tentacles, come in massive plague like numbers and have killed people in the past. The most dangerous of the stingers are considered to be the Irukandji and Box Jellyfish. Both are considered potentially lethal. Thankfully there are steps that you can take to avoid being stung (or hospitalised) by these pesky and dangerous buggers.

* When you swim at Cairns beaches, always swim between the flags or in the designated stinger nets

* If you’re at the beach, keep your eyes peeled for safety signs or ask a lifesaver

* Wear a stinger suit (like a rash off lycra material that covers most of your body)

* Don’t go in the water when the beaches are closed

* Always be on the lookout for stingers in the water and never pick one up

Follow these rules and your time in Cairns will be memorable for good experiences. Be aware and follow the steps above and you’ll be just fine.


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