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Cairns Beaches Stinger Season

Swimming at beaches is one of the most popular things to do in Cairns, simply because there are so many beaches to choose from, many uncrowded. However, one of the … Continue reading

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To rent or buy in Cairns

When you live in Cairns, you will be faced with the decision of whether to rent or buy. People often enjoy the concept of home ownership as it allows them … Continue reading

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Live in Cairns? Air Conditioning Essential!

Want to live in Cairns? Make sure that you have the right air conditioning or you will feel it! When it comes to Cairns Summers, humidity and the wet season, … Continue reading

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Flames of the Forest

Flames of the Forest has to be one of the best things to do in Cairns if you are after a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience. Having experienced the … Continue reading

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Kuranda Scenic Railway

For scenic things to do in Cairns, you just can’t go past the Kuranda Scenic Railway in regards to visual beauty. Operating since 1891, the Kuranda Scenic Railway boards initially … Continue reading

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Pools in Cairns

If you live in Cairns, you are most certainly going to need a pool, especially in the Summer time. There is literally nothing worse than being in Cairns on a … Continue reading

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Is it Expensive to Live in Cairns?

Why is Australia so expensive? Why do you pay so much for… everything? Is Cairns as expensive to live as everywhere else? These are the questions I get repeatedly asked … Continue reading

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Cairns and the National Broadband Network

Cairns is lucky in many respects and for those that live in Cairns, life is about to get a whole lot sweeter. The NBN roll-out has commenced in Cairns and … Continue reading

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Drink Driving Culture in Cairns

Cairns comes with a certain type of lifestyle that some residents take to the extreme. Unfortunately, one of these is drink driving. When you live in Cairns you’ll soon catch … Continue reading

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Live in Cairns, Live with Cyclones

Cairns is in a cyclone zone. When you live in Cairns, you live with cyclones. Although not “common”, they can have a massive impact on whether you choose to live in … Continue reading

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Living in Cairns with Wallabies

When you live in Cairns, you have to expect an abundance of nature. It comes with the territory and wallabies are no exception. You will find wallabies all over Cairns, … Continue reading

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Sugarworld Water Park

Are you looking for slippery, slidey and wet things to do in Cairns? If so, you’re in luck! Behold… Sugarworld! I’m going to be honest with you, I’m a big … Continue reading

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Bike Riding in Cairns

Cairns is blessed with a plethora of tracks for bike riding and because a majority of it is flat, you can get around quite easily on a bicycle. Also, for … Continue reading

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Cairns Show

Looking for things to do in Cairns? The Cairns Show is an annual event that provides a tonne of fun and entertainment for the whole family. A long standing tradition … Continue reading

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Don’t live in Cairns with peak hour bottlenecks

If you live in Cairns on the Northern Beaches, you probably have to put up with peak hour traffic. For the population size, the traffic is disproportionately excessive and this … Continue reading

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Cairns Unemployment Rate

If you’re looking to live in Cairns, you are probably going to have to find work. Good news. Cairns, once the top of the list for unemployment figures in QLD … Continue reading

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Crime in Cairns

When you live in Cairns you are not impervious to crime. It’s everywhere and although not rampant like it is in big cities like Sydney, where they appear to have … Continue reading

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Cairns Wildlife Dome

Hunting for things to do in Cairns? Welcome to the DOME!  No, it isn’t two men enter, one man leaves, however the leaving part can be hard! When I was … Continue reading

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Best time to go to Cairns

When is the best time to go to Cairns? Good question! Whether you’re on a holiday or moving to live in Cairns, the best time has to be late Autumn early Winter. … Continue reading

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Student and Share Accommodation in Cairns

For those that don’t have the luxury to permanently live in Cairns, many still have to opportunity to study in Cairns, thanks to the James Cook University. Now if you … Continue reading

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Best suburbs in Cairns

If you want to live in Cairns, you want to find the best suburb for you and/or your family. This can be a tough task, simply because there are so … Continue reading

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Cairns Life – promotional video

Heading to Cairns to live or for a quick getaway? Looking for things to do in Cairns or more information about this beautiful city of the Far North? At https://cairnslife.wordpress.comContinue reading

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Palm Cove

If you’re looking to live in Cairns or for things to do in Cairns, you are going to probably going to come across Palm Cove. Primarily a tourist location, Palm … Continue reading

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Living in Cairns with Cane Toads

When you live in Cairns, there is one animal that you are most certainly going to come across, the cane toad. Cane toads are everywhere and although there are reports … Continue reading

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Footage of Driving in Cairns Peak Hour Traffic

When you live in Cairns, you are most probably going to have to deal with peak hour traffic. Some days are good, some are absolutely terrible. Generally if you live … Continue reading

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Cairns and Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Living in Cairns comes with its bonuses, however there are a few negatives and one of these are mosquito-borne diseases. When living in Cairns, you will be reminded how pesky … Continue reading

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Cairns, Australia – Travel video guide

Thinking about holidaying in Cairns or making the move to live in Cairns? Looking for things to do in Cairns or find more information on some of the hot spots … Continue reading

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What is it like to live in Cairns?

What is it like to live in Cairns? I get asked this question many times by friends and colleagues alike, so hey… I’ll give it a shot. Living in Cairns … Continue reading

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Rusty’s Markets

If you’re a fan of fresh fruit and vegetables, or exploring new tropical and exotic taste sensations, I highly recommend you visit Rusty’s Markets. Located in the Cairns CBD, between Grafton … Continue reading

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Living in Cairns with LEGO vandals

Stop the press! A sizeable 100,000 piece LEGO helicopter (named LEGO Elvis) was vandalised last week in Cairns Central Shopping Centre, leaving its creator Ryan McNaught devastated beyond belief. Ryan’s … Continue reading

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Cairns, Australia – A video presentation by Dr. Jo Rush

Interested in things to do in Cairns but looking for a more visual experience before you book your tours? Check out this video, presented by the acclaimed Dr. Jo Rush. … Continue reading

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Cairns Botanic Gardens

Cairns Botanic Gardens ticks all the boxes for a wonderful day out if you are looking for to things to do in Cairns. Better yet, admission is free, so if … Continue reading

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Residential Property: To Rent, or to Buy, or to Rent-Try-Buy? (Guest post by sullisolutions)

If this is your first time living in Cairns, you would be forgiven to ponder this question for many, many hours. After all, there are many factors to consider when … Continue reading

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Babinda Boulders

If you’re looking for something different and don’t mind a little bit of a drive (around an hour) you have to put Babinda Boulders on your “things to do in … Continue reading

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Cairns Esplanade Lagoon

If you’re looking for free things to do in Cairns, you most certainly have to check out the Cairns Lagoon. The Cairns Esplanade Lagoon is a picturesque communal area bustling … Continue reading

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A good mechanic in Cairns

If you’re moving to Cairns or already living in Cairns, there’s a good chance that you are going to be utilising a car as a means of transport. Living in … Continue reading

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Muddy’s Playground

If you’re on the hunt for things to do in Cairns with kids, or free things to do in Cairns, you definitely have to make a visit to Muddy’s Playground. … Continue reading

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Cairns Summer, humidity and the wet season

Cairns Summers. Man! For those living in Cairns, they really do separate the men from the mice. Cairns Summers are notorious for breaking people. Many that move to Cairns have … Continue reading

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Smithfield Village, Trinity Park. Insert yawn.

Living in Cairns endows you with the privilege of choosing from many fine suburbs.  When you move there, you should check out a few before you decide which one you … Continue reading

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Leisure Island

Looking for things to do in Cairns with kids? Children need to be entertained. They long for it and there are a few things to do in Cairns with kids, … Continue reading

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Kuranda Village

Living in Cairns has many benefits, however one of my favourites would have to be Kuranda. Kuranda is a little rainforest village, 25 km northwest of Cairns. Surrounded by world … Continue reading

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Travel Guide for Cairns

Cairns receives over an estimated two million visitors every year that arrive for adventure, relaxation, partying and a general good time. To view a brief presentation about holidaying in Cairns, check out … Continue reading

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A History of Cairns

Cairns has come a long way from the gold mine town it once was, now a tourism giant in Australia drawing more than 2 million people a year to its shores. But … Continue reading

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About Cairns, Australia

People have been asking me for some statistics on Cairns, so I thought I would put together some information. So by popular request… Distance from Brisbane: 1700 kms Distance fro Sydney: 2700 … Continue reading

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Cairns Suburbs Property Reports

Thinking about buying or renting in Cairns? It can be an arduous task, and real estate agents are only in it for the money. Before you choose a residence to … Continue reading

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Peak hour traffic in Cairns

Yes! Cairns has peak hour traffic! Due to the explosion in population growth over the last few years (and the lack of planning) Cairns peak hour traffic can get beyond ridiculous, especially … Continue reading

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Real estate agents in Cairns

Many real estate agents in Cairns are the same as everywhere else from my experiences. They are notoriously lazy and inept at their jobs. To top it off, they are … Continue reading

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Surfing in Cairns

Surfing in Cairns is not really a hot topic, however the die hard surfers out there that move to Cairns often ask me where to go. There are plenty of … Continue reading

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Mountains in Cairns

Mountains in Cairns. There is certainly no shortage. Cairns is notorious for its stunning surrounding landscapes, which, even after a few years of residing in Cairns, continue to amaze me. … Continue reading

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Driving In Cairns

Cairns can get busy during the peak seasons and for locals and the people that live in Cairns it can be a little overwhelming. Compared to big cities like Sydney … Continue reading

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