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Cairns Beaches Stinger Season

Swimming at beaches is one of the most popular things to do in Cairns, simply because there are so many beaches to choose from, many uncrowded. However, one of the … Continue reading

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Live in Cairns? Air Conditioning Essential!

Want to live in Cairns? Make sure that you have the right air conditioning or you will feel it! When it comes to Cairns Summers, humidity and the wet season, … Continue reading

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Drink Driving Culture in Cairns

Cairns comes with a certain type of lifestyle that some residents take to the extreme. Unfortunately, one of these is drink driving. When you live in Cairns you’ll soon catch … Continue reading

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Live in Cairns, Live with Cyclones

Cairns is in a cyclone zone. When you live in Cairns, you live with cyclones. Although not “common”, they can have a massive impact on whether you choose to live in … Continue reading

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Crime in Cairns

When you live in Cairns you are not impervious to crime. It’s everywhere and although not rampant like it is in big cities like Sydney, where they appear to have … Continue reading

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Living in Cairns with Cane Toads

When you live in Cairns, there is one animal that you are most certainly going to come across, the cane toad. Cane toads are everywhere and although there are reports … Continue reading

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Cairns and Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Living in Cairns comes with its bonuses, however there are a few negatives and one of these are mosquito-borne diseases. When living in Cairns, you will be reminded how pesky … Continue reading

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Cairns Summer, humidity and the wet season

Cairns Summers. Man! For those living in Cairns, they really do separate the men from the mice. Cairns Summers are notorious for breaking people. Many that move to Cairns have … Continue reading

09/06/2013 · 7 Comments

Peak hour traffic in Cairns

Yes! Cairns has peak hour traffic! Due to the explosion in population growth over the last few years (and the lack of planning) Cairns peak hour traffic can get beyond ridiculous, especially … Continue reading

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Real estate agents in Cairns

Many real estate agents in Cairns are the same as everywhere else from my experiences. They are notoriously lazy and inept at their jobs. To top it off, they are … Continue reading

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Driving In Cairns

Cairns can get busy during the peak seasons and for locals and the people that live in Cairns it can be a little overwhelming. Compared to big cities like Sydney … Continue reading

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The M Suburbs – Suburbs to Avoid in Cairns

The M suburbs. If you live in Cairns or are planning to be living in Cairns, you need to know this. There are a handful of suburbs that you want … Continue reading

05/01/2013 · 12 Comments

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